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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know Server Admin on Linux?

No but it helps! AKDEGUZMAN web hosting, although running on a Linux server, is installed with CPanel. It is the best server administration tool with an intuitive control panel allowing configuration of your server settings and services with ease. With CPanel, you don't have to be a system administrator or even a Linux expert to gain full control over your web server. In fact, you don't have to know Linux at all to use a Linux Server with CPanel installed. All you need is a sound computer-usage background and web experience. CPanel does everything for you from setting up email accounts, web mail, sub-domains, web users, ftp access, firewall, database, SSI support, SSL support, DNS entries and various open source software you can install and use with your hosting like blogs, web chats, wikis, spam protect and e-commerce shopping carts.

How do I get started?

It's quick and online anytime! To order your subscription, simply log-on AKDEGUZMAN web hosting homepage. We suggest you review your options for all plans as well as domains to determine which is best for you. With a choice of plan in mind click on: Order a Web Hosting Plan. Follow the simple step by step instruction as you go through the order process. All it takes is a few minutes; you're website running at no time!

Click HERE to start subscription now!

How do I register a new domain?

The entry of a domain name is the initial step during an online order for web hosting. If you are not using an already registered domain name, simply select: Order a New Domain Name option and enter the domain name you wish to register. Make sure that this chosen name is not already registered otherwise the new process registration will fail.

You can check its availability by using the free whois service at Click HERE to check.

Do I own the domain I register?

Yes. Your domain registration at AKDEGUZMAN is legally registered in your name unlike most hosting companies who provide domain use only that is actually registered by them. You have exclusive registration for 1 year (subject to yearly renewals) and continue with its use (or transfer registrant; see ICANN rules) regardless of hosting company you choose. And as such AKDEGUZMAN's 30-day money back guaranteed does not apply for domain registration.

Can I use a domain already registered to me?

Yes. You will need to update DNS specification from your existing domain registrar and have it point to our DNS. (Click here to point to our DNS). It normally takes at between a few minutes to several hours before your new domain (pointing to our DNS) can be resolved globally and become visible to the entire Internet zones.

How long can I use my web hosting plan?

For as long as you need it. Simply renew your hosting plan monthly. If you have ordered your plan via PayPal, renewal is automatic in lieu of your monthly recurring billing arrangement for as long as you maintain your funding source active. However, if you opted billing via a local payment option, make sure that your bank payments are reflected a day before the lapse of each 30-day billing cycle where such payment is applicable.

I missed payment; what happens?

Should you miss that next month's payment, your web hosting is automatically suspended by the system for seven days after the lapse of your current month. Your website will be temporarily offline until payment is received. You have only until before the end of the 7-day grace period to remit payment otherwise your account as well as web hosting content files will be deleted by the system for good from our server. By using Paypal, you will never miss payments unless your source funds are insufficient.

Is AKDEGUZMAN web hosting available worldwide?

Yes. Since all server administration and payment transactions are done online over the Internet, anyone from anywhere in the world can avail of AKDEGUZMAN web hosting service. All you need is an internet connection, your credit card and/or PayPal account, and your skill to create a great website.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade to any higher plan available online anytime using your Subscriber's Control Panel. Your current web configuration and settings are automatically carried over during upgrade. No file set-up or back-ups is necessary during the upgrade process. The entire process can be monitored in real time in your Subscriber's Control Panel.

Can I downgrade my plan?

No. Downgrading is not feasible since file truncation will be inevitable. Instead, we suggest that you back-up your current website and open a new plan while cancelling the existing.

How do I pay my monthly plan subscription?

All plans must be paid at least a day before the beginning of each monthly billing cycle either through PayPal or available local payment options. By using the PayPal's monthly recurring subscription payments, you'll never miss payments unless your source funds are insufficient or closed. PayPal accepts payments worldwide through your credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, & Discover), bank debit cards, and e-check. Not a PayPal member; Apply now. PayPal membership is FREE! It is fast, reliable and secured.

Local payment option is available only in the Philippines.

How do I stop my hosting subscription?

Simply forfeit payment for your next month's payment. Your existing plan is automatically suspended by the system at the end of the current months billing cycle. However, another 7-day grace period will be assumed thereafter. During this period you may still opt to continue hosting instead of stopping by remitting the required payment for the new period. After which, your account as well as web hosting content files will be deleted by the system for good from our server.

How do I use CPanel?

CPanel is intuitive and graphical, making it use to use. An understanding of server concepts will help but not necessary. When we set-up your web server, CPanel is configure by default to begin running your website after uploading all your website files on a specified directory (/httpdocs or /httpsdocs), create a mail user in a few clicks and more. But if need more help, just click on HELP on the control panel menu, and an online manual pops up in a separate browser window to guide you in detail. You can try using CPanel (live and online) by clicking on this link.