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AKDEGUZMAN is a global IT Consulting organization with the combined experience, confidence and expertise sired out from more than 35 years of IT professional practice of its core members. AKDEGUZMAN performs both on-shore and off-shore technology development and out-sourcing providing high quality local and global expertise in various interdisciplinary applications of IT.

World Class excellence . . .

AKDEGUZMAN excels in providing comprehensive technical consulting services to various industries and public sector related IT activities. It effectively recommends and deploys optimal yet simple IT solutions for every complex problem. The task of technology is to simplify rather than complicate data activities in delivering prompt and accurate results relevant to its application.

AKDEGUZMAN also provides specific IT services in various software applications development including enterprise applications, data management, web-based applications (e-commerce and e-business), middleware, business intelligence, knowledge management, and online collaboration. Other services also include IT Infrastructure Deployment, Wireless Connectivity, Multi Media Applications, Biometric Applications and Internet Applications including VoIP (Voice over IP), VPN (Virtual Private Networking) and Hosting Management.

People Behind

The people behind AKDEGUZMAN brings into the company a diverse but complementary backgrounds that give birth to creative ideas and a company product mix that is responsive to the needs of the individuals and corporations in our information society.

The combination of youth, creativity, and the determination to succeed, translates into a company that is attuned and responsive to the needs of individuals and small to medium Enterprises in the highly competitive (but potentially lucrative) information society that is upon us.

It is AKDEGUZMAN's optimism that you will soon play an important part in the company's vision to reach out, and bring IT closer to the various sectors of our society and the global community.

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