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Choosing the Right Web Hosting Plan



Choose Plan A if :

  • You need to publish your personal website with powerful features.
  • You need to share photos and video
  • You need a blog site.
  • You need a create a Wiki Website.
  • You need a light and private chat channel with friends and associates
  • You need all of the above at the same time
  • You are small business or organization with light to moderate web traffic expected on your site.

Choose Plan B if :

choose plan
  • You need to share between up to three separate domains with just enough space and bandwidth for use of these domains concurrently.
  • You need to park your other domains with currently no website to refer to.
  • You need to upgrade from Plan A because you need more web space and more bandwidth traffic on a more regular monthly basis.
  • You are a small business or organization needing more space and bandwidth with 1 to 3 domains base on a moderate to near high traffic volume.
  • You want to save cost by converting two existing Plan A accounts under a single subscriber.

Choose Plan C if :

  • You are a web developer in need of a development site or just a power user to put your web site to its limits.
  • You are a medium to large-sized organization or company with 50 or less members/employees requiring individual mailboxes, web space to host up to 50 domains, and a high volume of web traffic.

Choose Plan D if :

  • You are a large organization or company with 100 or less members/employees requiring individual mailboxes, web space to host unlimited domains, and a very high volume of web traffic especially coming from e-commerce activities or online collaboration efforts.
  • You are a person venturing into web hosting reselling business. AKDEGUZMAN allows you to further resell the plan under your private label.
  • You need to host a game server like "Counter-Strike" Game Online.